Coaching, Consulting & Training


We help companies of any size build and execute mobile and web projects, through consultative advice and hands-on resources.


How can we help?

A great idea is useless without great execution. Do you have a great idea? We’ll help you execute it efficiently. Diogeno acts as a springboard, to provide your business with the best chance to succeed at the most critical moment in your venture’s path.

Here is how we can help you transform your awesome idea, into a killer product, that people love:

  1. 01 Product Design & Management (building the right product)
  2. 02 Agile Methodologies & Frameworks (building the product right)
  3. 03 Engineering & System Administration (choosing the right technical stack)
  4. 04 Human Resource Management (hiring a dream team)
  5. 05 Social Media, Marketing & PR (promoting the product properly)

And because amazing people make amazing products, we can also assist you in these areas:

  1. 07 Personal Development (becoming a better/happier person)
  2. 08 Personal Branding (promoting yourself)

Who do we help?

We are useful for any type of businesses. Among our customers are startups; who need help getting organized; who are looking to build a MVP; who are trying to reach product/market fit; and who are looking to expand and scale. We also work with big brands and corporations, that are willing to embrace modern work methodologies to build faster and more efficiently.


Who are we?

Sandra Cabrera de Diego

Sandra is a polyglot Product Manager with significant experience working for well-established international companies. In Europe, Sandra worked at Capgemini and Emakina, with customers such as McKinsey & Company, ING, DHL and Ansell. In San Francisco, Sandra handled all the digital products for events like Black Hat or the Game Developer Conference (GDC). Sandra has always worked for IT companies and has a great understanding of the industry, and all of its ins and outs.

Vincent defines himself as a Slasher, some kind of Jack-of-All-Trades, incredibly passionate about many different things. Vincent started his career as a Full-Stack Engineer, but slowly took on product-oriented roles. He co-founded two companies in Belgium: a creative web agency called 1MD and a disruptive SEO company called WooRank. In Silicon Valley, he worked for early-stage startups like Storify and Instaply and had a great influence on both companies growth and success. Vincent is an avid blogger, and has been writing about his job and passions on his personal blog for more than 10 years.

Where are we located?

Our HQ is located in the heart of the Poblenou Urban District in Barcelona, one of the most inspiring cities in the world, and a leading candidate to become the Silicon Valley of Europe.

Valkiria Hub Space
Carrer de Pujades, 126
08005 Barcelona